• Our Philosophy

    At The Summit Group, we've found that a well-told story is the best way for businesses to engage with their audience to sell products and services. Because incredible things happen when you get the right people to listen.

  • Men and Women of Many Hats

    Good account managers have the ability to travel from discipline to discipline with ease. Great account managers have the ability to bring you along with them. These are the ones we hire. Client-to-creative translation, strategic wizardry, birthday-remembering—our team can do it all. But don't be fooled. They only make it look easy. That's why you'll love working with them.

  • Big Ideas at Work

    Creative has a job to do. And in a market that's only getting noisier, it's a tough job. That's okay, because great challenges have a way of creating great work. Like any true problem solvers, we keep our minds open. We think about you. We think about your customers. Then we create something that may be funny or beautiful or emotional or intelligent or all of the above. Then comes the magical part—it works.

  • Obsessed with Accuracy

    Media isn't just something we buy. It's something we obsessively plan, negotiate, track, analyze, measure and multiply. As a result, you're guaranteed 25 percent high grade added value, minimum. Our technology ensures that your media runs when and where media outlets say it will. And we know our way around online and social. Whoever you're using now, we'd love the opportunity to outperform them.

  • Interactive Should Be Interactive

    No other medium provides the potential for instant answers and measurable results. That's why digital should be a conversation, not a monologue. We invest in tools that help you engage your customers in a way that matters to them, so you can provoke the actions that matter to you.

  • Where Dollars Overachieve

    PR is really valuable. As in quantifiable. Consider this: typically, for every dollar you spend on advertising, you get a buck twenty back in revenue. PR provides the same return, but with an investment of just 18 cents. From big brands to small brands, our people are masters at finding the right people to say the right things about your business.

  • Social? You Better Believe It

    Social Media is easy to downplay as faddish, fluffy and fickle. But here's the reality: social is for real, it's growing, and smart companies are using it to become more relevant to their customers. Our team will help you get the right message onto the right social platforms, right now. So whether you're looking for the next big thing, or you simply need to play some catch-up, we'll provide a solution that connects you with today's customers, wherever they happen to be connecting.

Our People

  • Bill PaulosPartner & CEO
  • Todd WolfenbargerPartner & President
  • Christy WhitehousePartner
  • James RabdauPartner
  • Sharon RouxVP & Chief Operating Officer
  • Jordan HoweVP, Account Services
  • Kat FalconeMedia Director
  • Alfredo NavaDirector of Technology
  • Melissa RomleyDirector of Public Relations
  • Nicole PararaProduction Director
  • Jenni HolladayDirector of Strategic Marketing
  • Jim SakellariouController
  • Carey PetersPR Account Coordinator
  • Chad HofheinsSr. Art Director
  • James Joel HolmesArt Director
  • Jarett LaTourAccount Supervisor
  • Karl LundebergSr. Art Director
  • David BrurbidgeAccount Supervisor
  • Kristin LaneDigital Project Manager
  • Mark Langer Art Director
  • Marianne BarnesAccount Manager
  • Nathan MechamTechnologist
  • Tiffany CaldwellMedia Buyer
  • Tom BeanSr. Art Director
  • Willus BranhamArt Director
  • Debbie AtkinsMedia Relations Manager
  • Amy Rae DunnAccount Manager
  • Wendy MañalacAccount Manager
  • Brynnly BagleyAccount Coordinator
  • Courtney ChildressAccount Coordinator
  • Jared McKinneyCopywriter
  • Jennifer Ditty Jr. Media Buyer
  • Hayden CallawayMedia Biller
  • Dave JeppsonTechnologist
  • Wendy StotsenburgAccount Manager
  • Jodi BradfieldSr. Media Buyer
  • Matt MurphyAccount Coordinator
  • Gail HartiganAccount Manager
  • Taner PasamehmetogluAccount Coordinator
  • Greg HaflichAccount Manager
  • Michelle HargisAssociate Director
  • Steve AthayAccount Coordinator
  • Braden Rindlisbacher Associate Account Manager
  • Maryann WangProducer
  • Edsion FrazerSr. Media Buyer
  • Suzi AdamsSr. Media Buyer
  • Jorge ZendejasAccount Coordinator
  • Jesse ZamoraAccount/Digital Services Mgr.
  • Darren DuranMedia Assistant
  • Sara SacksSr. Media Buyer
  • Lexi AmundsenAccount Coordinator
  • David MondragonAccount Manager
  • Chenell Seaton HallAccount Manager
  • Ryan HostetlerMedia Relations Manager
  • Arista LovewellMedia Biller
  • Becky Claussen Sr. Media Buyer
  • Karen KaminskiCopywriter
  • Shelby ShelmanProducer
  • K.D. RhodesProducer
  • Dave ListonAccount Coordinator
  • Emma CongerPR/Branded Content Manager
  • Katerina FedorovaMedia Assistant
  • Marsha BoamPR Coordinator
  • Our Services

    When people ask what services we offer, the short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is Creative, Account Service, Media, Digital, Public Relations and Social Media. The slightly longerer answer can be found by clicking on each specific discipline in the menu to your right.

  • Account Services

    We employ a small army of managers, coordinators, and production pros that will be your right hand men and women when it comes to planning, executing and analyzing your campaign. Expect quick captures after every meeting, 24/7 reports every week, and quarterly business reviews…you guessed it—every quarter. Our Bloodhound system tracks budgets in real time, so the only surprises will be the pleasant ones.

  • Creative Services

    Specialties include design, print, television, digital, radio, apps, point of purchase, sidewalk art, podcasts, viral stuff, direct response, comic books, B2B, action figures and at least eleven other things. Basically, if it can help you sell more, we can create it.

  • Media Services

    In addition to a team that averages a decade of experience per person, you'll get an arsenal of advanced technological tools. Our stock ticker lets us buy at the most current rate. We can track your buy in real time. Our posting analysis is obsessive and excessive. We do traditional, of course, but are also great with online and social.

  • Digital Services

    Let me take a deep breath. Okay. We do websites, microsites, landing pages, e-commerce, email campaigns, rich media mobile ads, social campaigns, flash stuff, html stuff, apps, proprietary analytics, front end, back end, social, sonar, viral, tablets, games, contests, aggregation, animation and anything else that involves lots of little ones and zeroes.

  • Public Relations Services

    The nightly news, the blogosphere, the twitterverse, the morning zoo…we'll get your name wherever it needs to be. Because we offer such a wide range of PR solutions, you can be confident you're receiving a plan that's customized to your business.

  • Social Media Services

    Ready to socialize? TSG employs a team of actual social media celebrities to help clients get the word out online via whatever platform that makes the most sense. We do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and several awesome new things you haven't heard about yet. We provide strategy, analytics and even day-to-day profile management.

  • It all breaks down into three categories
  • The stuff you earn when you get the right people to say the right things.

  • The stuff that requires you to pay for consumer attention.

  • And there's the stuff you say in the continuous online conversation.

Talk to us

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