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Digital Media Director

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Digital Media Director

What do we look for in potential team members? We’ve given it a lot of thought and have come to a few conclusions. We call the results our DNA because they aren’t attributes we aspire to – it’s just naturally who we are. Competitive. Curious. Fun. Accountable. Client-obsessed. What’s in your DNA?

In this job, you’ll learn: To juggle – tasks that is. You might even learn to juggle for real. Anything can happen.

Worst part of the job: That we only have rolling nacho carts once, sometimes twice a year.

Best part of the job: Doing what you love and what makes you excited! Few things are more rewarding than having the freedom to think big. We don’t just allow it, we insist on it.


Bring your related work experience buying & managing a variety of media campaigns, all while steering a team of Buyers & Assistants. Agency experience a plus. Experience in finance, franchise organizations and healthcare also a plus. You must show evidence of strong planning, evaluation, strategy, negotiation & employee management skills. Experience in all media types preferred. You’ll also need a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications or related field.


· Manage and develop Media Team

o Develop & mentor staff members regarding strategic planning, analysis & best practices

o Oversee team members’ planning & posting results

· Strategy & Planning

  • Develop strategic media plans to meet client objectives

o Build strategic & planning competencies within the team

o Provide analytics and reporting to clients

· Media Buying

  • Deliver media buys to support client campaigns at allowable acquisition costs including posting results
  • Negotiate the media buy, contract review and approval
  • Monitor tracking, delivery and campaign performance on an ongoing basis
  • Provide performance analysis and executing on that analysis to ensure positive ROI
  • Optimize buys, renegotiating programs, canceling or renewing as necessary
  • Manage the media effort and ensuring trafficking requests are fulfilled


· 4+ years of Media Buying experience, preferably with an agency and in a leadership role

· Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Communications or a related field

· Working knowledge of digital marketing tactics including paid media, email marketing and web analytics

· Excellent problem solving and project prioritization skills

· Ability to both take direction and provide strategic insight

· Ability to present findings and make recommendations to clients

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